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AKEWUELE (what's the smell of?)

Inside ODOTIPO, we have invented an object we are very proud of: akewuele (which stands for “what’s the smell of”). It’s a cardboard box that slides over itself. It also has a fragrance added up to an image – graphic or photographic-, and a sentence or a slogan.

¿akewuele (what’s the smell of) A COMPANY? 

Since it’s a very new and incipient working field, a lot of people and customers wonder how they could know the smell of a company. How can we come up with the smell of a company and be able to transmit it by just having in mind the values of this same company?
It is not so weird if we firmly know that every ingredient that compounds a fragrance has its own meaning and evoking sensation. The right combination of them allows you to express what you want.
Nature has itself to offer us a series of plants that contain, so to speak, these values inside. The mastery of the team we have creating these fragrances  is based on the fact they perfectly know every one of these plants, and above all, they know how to mix them up so that the moment you smell them, you feel what they want to show.
The values a company wants to transmit are sharp clear: proximity, leadership, exclusivity, initiative, seriousness, efficiency, solvency, competitiveness, compromise, fore-front… 
Well then, every characteristic is, in some way, inside the plants that the fragrances consist of. I may sound strange, but it won’t if we think of aromatherapy and the healing powers nature offers us.
In any case, no matter what the combination is – and believe that the possibilities, just like the one you have when composing a melody- are limitless, the result will undoubtly be a pleasant smell as well as a great memory for the one that feel it.  Little by little, people will identify in a positive way this fragrance to your company, and that’s what it’s all about.




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