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Olfactory Marketing

Olfactory Marketing is the most revolutionary technique in the world of marketing. It’s about adding a personalized fragrance to the symbols that identify a brand – those are its logo, slogan and image. That’s the odotipo: a pleasant smell the client relate to their own product.
Thanks to the evocative power of the smell and the powerful association’ strength between the sense of smell and memory, clients feeling their fragrance will surely have a wonderful sensation, as well as having a positive attitude to your brand. All together, will be a great influence on clients in order to get your product.
There are different ways to relate your brand to a fragrance. ODOTIPO is able to help you:

- In the shops
For those companies running commercial premises, whether they are franchises or own running premises, shops are the most important places in order to make your corporate fragrance well-known to the public. Once a customer enters one of your shops, they will be able to identify odotipo with your brand. And, since the fragrance will be the same in all your shops, that will enhance the value of the brand. It’s not only a matter of feeling a nice smell in your shops, but also having the same smell in all the shops. This is a prestige symbol.

- At the selling points.
You can also take advantage from the corporate smell to reinforce the sales or a product’s launch, inside the shopping points of those department stores your products are sold. Imagine a place your products are commercialized. You may locate an air-conditioner set system to spray your fragrance regularly. Customers will unconsciously relate the smell to your brand. Then, they will choose your brand instead of you competitor’s.

What’s more, you must try to achieve the fact that your fragrance is recognized not only inside the shops, but also outside them. It’s absolutely the same for those products which are not sold at the regular selling points. The bottom line is to make customers and clients identify your brand to an specific fragrance. There re many ways to achieve that goal. 

- Using akewuele
In ODOTIPO, we have a novel, revolutionary and exclusive system: akewuele. It unifies image, slogan and smell. The akewueles can also be exclusive and personalized. (there is a paragraph talking about it)

- Using all kinds of merchandising
You can show our fragrance through many merchandising products: candles, soaps, incense, perfumes, mikados, “baby on board” signals, non stress cushions, as well as any other possible idea and creation by the client.

- It your printed forms and sheets. 
It is also possible to transmit your odotipo using printed advertising from your company: forms, envelopes, blocks of notes, folders, dossiers, letters, visiting-cards…

- Inside your packaging
It’s possible to introduce your corporate fragrance inside every bag, box, and gift parcel your deliver with your product.  That’s the best way the customers take your corporate smell home and every time they see the product they will relate it to your pleasant and personalised fragrance.  

To sum up, this is about being able to achieve innovating systems to make the difference in comparison to our competitors so that we can be a step forward.



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